Pub History

I have always been interested in pubs and their place in our culture. People from all over the world still appreciate the unique atmosphere of a British pub.

During my working life I ran two pubs for a period of six years and in the last one I thought that it would be a great idea to have a list of former landlords on the wall. It was a village pub and visitors would remark how much they enjoyed it as village locals seemed to be an endangered species. Being in a village meant that many of the regulars could remember previous landlords so I thought if I could produce a list of landlords down the years then this would add something to the pub.

As soon as I set out on the research I found that I was picking up details of other pubs in the area so I collected these details as well and this is what brings me and you here.
The area I am covering is Wensleydale or to give it its correct title, the Hang West Division of the licensing area. This covers Wensleydale and a few other villages around.Downholme is one example, not in Wensleydale but covered by the Hang West Division.
I have used newspapers, record offices, libraries and censuses.

When looking at these lists please be aware of the following points.
  1. All information is taken from sources that are in the public domain.
  2. The information is copied verbatim, that is word for word, so what I see I record.
  3. The information is intended as a bit of history of part of our national culture and is not intended for any other use.
  4. If you have any information about this subject please get in touch. Lists will be updated when new information comes to light.
  5. Personal use of the information is OK as long as a credit is given as to its origin; this includes any credits that I may have used.

Just keep on using your local pub. Remember, use it or lose it.

All entries are listed in alphabetical order of the town or village where the pub was/is located. Simply click on a letter below to be taken to a listing of pubs in towns beginning with that letter.

Or if you already know the name of the pub, town/village or person you are looking for then please use the search box in the side bar to find it quickly.